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Umberto Righetti

Chief Strategy Officer

Atrium Sports

Umberto Righetti

About Umberto

Umberto is Chief Strategy Officer at Atrium Sports, a company he co-founded with the aim of providing sports with a one-stop shop for technology solutions that create new content, engage fans and open further commercial opportunities to grow the sport.

Umberto’s journey in sports tech is a classic 20-year overnight success story, beginning with a voluntary role at his son’s local football team and leading all the way to work with FIFA and the basketball equivalent, FIBA.

What you’ll learn

  • Learnings from Umberto’s long and winding career in sports technology.
  • How technology automation is enabling sports of all levels to better capture, produce, enhance and distribute their in-game video and data.
  • The impact of Atrium Sport’s partnership with FIBA, the global governing body of basketball, in developing the “Connected Stadium”.