Tom Nugent | Platypus Neuro

Tom Nugent

VP, Elite Performance

Platypus Neuro

About Tom

Tom leads the Elite Performance Solutions division for Platypus Neuro, which provides state-of-the art neurocognitive assessment and training programs to professional sports teams and military operator communities.

In addition to being a former Division I athlete himself, Tom has nearly twenty years of experience in neuroscience research including working with the Pentagon’s emerging tech department DARPA on improving Navy Seals through brain training.

What you’ll learn

  • How neuroscience tech is being used to measure and then improve the brains of elite athletes.
  • Why in the future “Neurocognitive Combines” testing brain attributes will be used alongside the current Combine testing physical attributes.
  • Tom’s thoughts on why recently accepted concussion protocols are actually worse for promoting long term brain recovery.