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Roi Mozer

COO & Co-Founder

Pico Get Personal

Roi Mozer

About Roi

Roi is the COO and the Co-Founder of Pico – Get Personal, a SaaS platform that helps sports teams (including the LA Clippers, St Louis Blues and FC Bayern Munchen) to build 1-on-1 relationships with their fans by making it easy to communicate and connect with fans via social media. They utilize AI and purpose-built chatbots to make the process more efficient for the teams and more personal for the fans when interacting on their preferred social media platform.

What you’ll learn

  • The importance for sports teams to join the dots between “unknown” fans on third party social media platforms into “known” fans captured on the team’s internal database.
  • How Roi went from local bar owner with his fellow Co-Founders, to the world of international sports and how this unusual entrepreneurial journey typifies the tenacity of the “start-up nation”.