Mike Downey

Principal Architect of Sports Technology


About Mike

Mike Downey is the Principal Architect of Sports Technology at Microsoft. He oversees the engineering planning and execution of Microsoft’s brand partnerships in sports, eSports, and entertainment. In his current role, he’s worked with large sports leagues and franchises including NBA, NFL, PGA Tour, NASCAR, ESPN and others.

Prior to joining Microsoft, he spent nine years at Adobe primarily working on the Flash product family. Outside of work, Mike considers himself to be an avid hobbyist, golfer, builder and tinkerer.

What you’ll learn

  • What elements of the new NBA / Microsoft partnership will have the biggest impact on fan experience?
  • How are big sports and tech partnerships (like Microsoft and NBA) formed?
  • As sports around the world slowly return from the COVID19 shutdown, including by playing to empty stadiums, what role does technology play in delivering on fan experience?
  • Will the gains made by esports, virtual sports and video games (in terms of mainstream attention, viewership and general participation) continue once traditional sports resume? Or is this a blip on their growth trajectory into the mainstream?
  • What future technology innovation is Mike most excited for?