Julie Johnson Roberts

Co-Founder & CEO

Armored Things

About Julie

Julie is Co-Founder & CEO of Armored Things, a Boston-based SaaS company using AI to transform physical security and operations for large venues and campuses. Armored Things is focused on the critical need to surface critical data points in real time to venue security and operations teams.

Julie co-founded Armored Things after working at Qualcomm, where she was focused on cybersecurity and the Internet of Things for both the corporate venture capital arm and as a strategic liaison for the Bay Area research and development team. Previously, Julie held various positions across trading, investment management, and venture capital. She has degrees from the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton, and Harvard Business School.

What you’ll learn

  • What is “crowd intelligence” and how it applies to sporting venues and stadiums.
  • What the main concerns of venues and stadiums are as they slowly welcome fans back.
  • How Armored Things pivoted to respond to the new realities and needs for their customers post COVID-19.
  • How new solutions were developed to meet these needs.