Janet Gibson

CEO & Founder


About Janet

Janet is the CEO and Founder of Scorz, global pioneers in large-scale multi-sensory sports fan engagement. Their immersive platform brings a new dimension to in-home audience engagement by amplifying campaigns and initiatives using integrated internet of things products and platform technology.

Janet has 25 years leading manufacturing and export businesses from growth and expansion through to successful M&A. Commencing in 2015, she lead the BuzzConnect Sports Technology business, driving growth of IoT Fan Engagement products in market. Janet purchased the BuzzConnect business in 2019 and established Scorz to expand on their capability as the pioneers and global leader for in-home and in-stadium sports fan engagement solutions.

What you’ll learn

  • How the COVID-19 pandemic has forced teams and brands to be more creative in creating meaningful moments with their fans.
  • What the role of IoT connected devices are in bringing the in-stadium experience into fans’ homes.
  • The potential of data capture from IoT devices to learn more about fans and their habits.
  • Case study of Scorz’s work with Budweiser to bring the stadium experience from the ice-rink into fans’ living room using their smart scoring glass and the ice hockey smart scoring light which both react to events like team scoring moments and celebrations.