Building A High Performance Culture With Science And Technology


  • Danielle Gescheit (Head of Professional Tennis Operations, Tennis Australia)
  • Dr Tannath Scott (Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of New England / NSW Rugby League)
  • Kim Crane (National High Performance Director, Surfing Australia)
  • Tania Gallo (Head Sports Scientist, North Melbourne Football Club)
  • William Strange (CEO, SPT)

What you’ll learn

  • How science and technology can be applied to get the most from athletes and coaches across a range of sports and environments.
  • Guests’ definitions of high performance
  • What the most successful adoption of technology has been towards building a high performance culture in their organization.
  • How to navigate the dysfunctional marriage of the art and science of coaching, including different approaches for working with “old school” gut coaches vs “new school” data-driven leaders.
  • Trends, both positive and negative, in the field of sports science.

Other Episodes & Links

Danielle Gescheit

Head of Professional Tennis Operations

Tennis Australia

Danielle is the Manager of Performance Information and Analysis at Tennis Australia where she has worked for the past 10 years. Her role includes management of the Performance Analysis team and the Athlete Management System, as well as supporting and informing Performance systems, strategies and processes with evidence-based information. Danielle also completed her PhD in 2018 which explored the epidemiology and aetiology of elite tennis injuries. Danielle is also the Australian Fed Cup team manager.

Dr Tannath Scott

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

University of New England & NSW Rugby League

Tannath is a postdoctoral research fellow with UNE and New South Wales Rugby League. Tannath’s research interests are focused on evidence-based methods to improve performance and identify athlete fatigue and readiness to perform in team sports. Tannath has worked in both an applied and research setting, completing his doctorate in Sport and Exercise Science through Victoria University, in conjunction with his role as sport scientist at the Newcastle Knights.

Prior to joining UNE, Tannath was Athletic Performance and Education Manager at Vald Performance and prior to this was with the Brisbane Broncos as both a strength and conditioning coach and sport science coordinator. He is also an accredited exercise scientist and sports scientist (ESSA) and strength and conditioning coach (ASCA).

Kim Crane

National High Performance Director

Surfing Australia

Kim is a sporting high-performance specialist who has a lifelong connection with the ocean through surfing, outrigger canoe racing and stand up paddle-boarding. Kim is also a former member of the Australian Women’s Hockey Team.

Kim’s previous role was as the Performance Manager at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) where she was responsible for leading the engagement of key internal and external partners to develop high quality, effective high-performance plans and strategies in order to increase the likelihood of achieving and sustaining performance targets.

Tania Gallo

Head Sports Scientist

North Melbourne Football Club

Tania is the Head Sport Scientist at the North Melbourne Football Club where she has been for the previous 11 seasons. She manages the athlete tracking and monitoring processes, integrating science and technology into a multivariate decision-support system. Her role is centred around supporting the high-performance, medical and coaching staff to execute evidence-guided practice and informed interventions through systematic investigation and analysis. Tania completed her PhD in 2016, exploring metrics of athlete preparedness and their relationship to performance in Australian Football.

William Strange



Wanting to track and monitor his own performance whilst playing Australian Rules at his local club, Will decided to partner with a GPS company. After a few months and seeing sales growing quickly he commenced building software and his own hardware partnering with Australia’s most innovative company. SPT was launched in 2015 and has grown out of the basement of his family home into a business selling into over 100 countries, 13 languages and into 9 different sports.

Employing 15 people in Australia and currently hiring in the USA, SPT has raised over $7.5million from investors in Australia. Will plans to grow the business to its global audience with full CEO control over financials, people, sales, strategy and execution. Reporting to a board of 6 directors, SPT is growing and expecting rapid growth in the near future.