Franco Segarra

Head of Data/Analytics, Ticketing & Fan Experience

Valencia CF

About Franco Franco is the Head of Data/Analytics, Ticketing and Fan Experience at Valencia CF, one of Spain’s most successful and oldest football clubs. He is responsible for all data insights of the club while also managing tickets/pricing, fan experience, and customer support departments from a data-driven angle. Franco has contributed significantly to the club’s ambitious digital transformation project and at the same time extended help in steering several strategic business decisions. A former bank manager and Chief Technology Officer, Franco has over 12 years of professional experience in different sectors, but with a continued focus on applying technology and performing digital transformations in various businesses.
What you’ll learn
  • The differences in updating data processes vs. data culture
  • How the Club went cashless in their 97-year-old stadium and how fans reacted to this change
  • What role the Club’s homepage plays as the external face of the digital transformation and why it was honoured by the prestigious Webby Awards
  • What are the latest innovations in fan experience, ticketing and business intelligence on the horizon.