Davyeon Ross | ShotTracker

Davyeon Ross

President & Co-Founder


About Davyeon

Davyeon has almost 20 years of experience in the technology space as a serial entrepreneur and Angel Investor. Ross is currently a Co-founder of ShotTracker Inc. ShotTracker is a sensors based technology that provides statistics and analytics in Practice and Games. ShotTracker investors include Magic Johnson, David Stern, GreyCroft, Elysian Park Ventures, Ward Ventures and others.

A native of Trinidad & Tobago, Davyeon was a four-year letterman for Benedictine College’s basketball team. He also earned a bachelor of science in Computer Science and later got his MBA from Mid-America Nazarene University.

What you’ll learn

  • Why in-game data capture and analysis will change how basketball is played and consumed.
  • How modern fans are expecting access to richer data streams during live play and what this means for broadcast and in-stadium experience.
  • What’s really meant by “real-time” data and why zero latency is so crucial for data feeds used in sports betting.