Carlo De Marchis

Group Chief Evangelist


About Carlo

Carlo is Group Chief Evangelist at Deltatre, a role designed to push boundaries and ensure innovation remains at the heart of everything Deltatre does, including their work across OTT platforms, linear broadcast and next-gen digital experiences for top teams and leagues, such as FIFA, UEFA, NFL, The Premier League, MLB, DAZN, BBC, Discovery, BT Sport and AT&T.

Carlo’s been with Deltatre for over 32 years months serving in a series of technical roles throughout the organization including as CTO, Chief Product Officer and Chief Marketing Officer.

What you’ll learn

  • How can technology be used to enhance the fan experience through this disruption of the status quo in live sports with reduced crowds and conflicting schedules.
  • What can right holders to do to react and anticipate the accelerating digital disruption to how, when and where fans expect to consume their sports content.
  • What’s the future hold for rights holders in combatting piracy whilst creating customized experiences for their fans.