Bryce Weiler


The Beautiful lives Project

About Bryce

Bryce is a co-founder for the Beautiful Lives Project and disability consultant for the Baltimore Orioles. Bryce was born four months premature and developed an eye condition called Retinopathy of prematurity that caused him to be blind. Bryce attended public school from elementary through his freshmen year of high school and completed his high school education at the Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Indianapolis.

Bryce’s passion for sports on the radio led him to commentate on radio sports broadcasts for the University of Evansville, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Sports Management and Communication, and Western Illinois University, where he earned a master’s degree in Sports Administration.

After college, Bryce began developing programs for fans with disabilities. The first teams to join him in his work were the Baltimore Orioles and the New Britain Bees baseball teams.

What you’ll learn

  • How sports teams and leagues can better server all of their fans, including those with disabilities.
  • What role tech has to play in helping improve enjoyment and accessibility for fans with disabilities. 
  • Why disability should not be a barrier to sharing in the fundamental human experience of sports.