Adrian Montgomery


Enthusiast Gaming

About Adrian

Adrian is CEO of Enthusiast Gaming, one of the world’s largest esports and gaming ecosystems reaching over 200 million gaming enthusiasts on a monthly basis. Prior to leading Enthusiast Gaming, Adrian served as President and CEO of Canucks Sports and Entertainment, one of Canada’s premier sports and entertainment organizations. He is the former president of Tuckamore Capital Management, a conglomerate with over $700 million of annual revenue, and was also the former CEO of QM Environmental, one of Canada’s largest contracting companies. Adrian has been active in the political process throughout his career and has served as a political advisor to Leaders at all levels of government. Adrian also a member of the New York State Bar Association.

What you’ll learn

  • How sports, esports, gaming and entertainment continue their crossover and convergence.
  • The future of privatization of 3rd party data ownership in gaming and entertainment and impacts.
  • How brands and advertisers can forge genuine connections with the coveted Gen Z.
  • What other industries can E-sports collaborate with to create more entertaining content.
  • How will E-sports overcome not being able to use television pay to support their business models like NBA, NFL, MLB, and other traditional sporting leagues.
  •  In what ways are gaming today different from the gaming that older generations grew up with.
  • Will the gains made by esports, virtual sports, and video games (in terms of mainstream attention, viewership, and general participation) continue once traditional sports resume once gamers are no longer interested in today’s popular games like Fortnite.
  • What future technology and branding innovation will be used to continue to attract younger generations.