Adam Whyte | EDGE

Adam Whyte

CEO & Co-Founder


About Adam

Adam spent seven years as a sports lawyer managing player contracts, transfers, and litigating before the Court of Arbitration for Sport. In 2016 he transferred these professional legal skills to the burgeoning esports ecosystem. Using his own first hand experience as a professional gamer in the “Wild West” of sports, Adam focussed on digitising contracts and automating payments for competitors with his company EDGE and esports organization LDN UTD.

What you’ll learn

  • How Adam made the transition from sports lawyer (including acting for one of Lance Armstrong’s doctors), to esports agent, to sports tech entrepreneur.
  • What the current “Wild West” of esports means for how esports athletes get paid and what can be done to regulate the industry.
  • The difference between professional esports players and paid esports streamers and why US teenagers in the US are spending 1000x more on digital clothes than they are on physical clothes.
  • The role of Twitch in the development of esports as a mass spectator sport and the accompanying growth explosion in the industry since.
  • What the future of esports looks like, including how convergence of real world sports and esports is sooner than we think.