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Wearable tech in sport is not a new thing, but the rate at which this technology is being adopted, used and improved is accelerating fast!  From high performance GPS tracking devices, to everyday fitness trackers, this is a technology that is now available to masses and has transcended professional sport. 


Sweati – the glucose tracking wearable patch

Source:   Sweati is a new wearable to promise non-invasive and glucose tracking by analysing low amounts of sweat. Lactate and hydration can also be tracked, making The wearable is made of fabric and transits data wireless via a mobile app. It’s conveniently small, only as tick as two credit cards, and can fit...
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Shot Scope is Eyeing off the United States Golf Market

By Clint Vojdinoski, Editor at Bullpen Media   Shot Scope’s chief executive officer David Hunter built his company off the back of wanting to solve a frustrating problem golfers have. He wanted to improve his handicap on the course and to solve the problem of sharpening his game that didn’t solely rely on playing rounds and practicing on...
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Ida Sports is on a Mission to Create the Ideal Football Boots for Women

By Clint Vojdinoski, Editor at Bullpen Media   The most startling problem women’s footballers have had for too long is they have had to use men’s and children’s boots which were never designed to support their feet. This lack of suitable footwear causes multiple problems, injury, reduced participation and most crucial of all enjoyment in sport drops. Melbourne startup Ida […]
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StanceBeam and Kookaburra partner to bring technology innovation into cricket with the first globally available smart cricket bat sensor

In 2017 Arminder Thind, Founder & CEO of StanceBeam stood on stage pitching as a part of the Game Changers Startup Competition at our India Sports Analytics & Technology Conference in Mumbai. StanceBeam went on to win that pitch competition, and just over one year later they have announced a partnership with global cricket brand […]
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Solos Individualises the Fan Experience with High-Tech Smart Clothing

By Clint Vojdinoski, Editor at Bullpen Media –Solos recently presented at the Australia Sports Analytics & Technology Conference in Melbourne, Australia– While it’s a peek into the future, in August Solos, Lava and the GWS Giants partnered up to release a series of smart guernsey’s embedded with cutting edge technology at the AFL match between GWS Giants and […]
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The Journey Into Disrupting Equestrian Sports with IPOS Technology

IPOS Technology were the winners of this years KPMG Game Changers Startup Competition at the 2018 Netherlands Sports Analytics & Technology Conference hosted at Johan Cruijff Arena in May. The Conference is part of a Global Series that includes events in: Australia, Japan, India, Netherlands, UK and USA.     By Clint Vojdinoski, Editor at Bullpen Media Equestrian […]
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