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The Rise of Fan-created Sports Commentary



Fan-created content and personalised sports broadcasting has seen a huge rise in popularity.  Social platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter have supported the increase in use-generated content, and other whole platforms of fan-created editorials like the Bleacher Report are growing. Influencers are becoming more prominent, with programs such as BT Sport inviting influencers to join their broadcasting programs.

The democratisation of technology, with improved accessibility, connectivity of mobile networks and devices, will only allow the trend to gain more momentum and continue into the future. Fans now have access to the same capabilities, features, and distribution networks as professional journalists and broadcasters, and they can create content for less money, or for free. Sports organizations are onboard with the trend because it can boost fan engagement.

Credit: Spalk

New platforms are helping fans create their own audio broadcasts. Spalk, supported by Capgemini and Australian golfer Greg Norman, offers users a virtual broadcasting studio that syncs live streams with commentaries around the world. Spalk has been used to deliver more than 5,000 live events for more than 100 content partners around the world, including World Rugby and FIBA.

Credit: SportsCastr

Another new platform, SportsCastr,  helps fans create content. The Sportscastr live app allows fans to choose their audio and enterprise product that helps broadcasters and sports organisations integrate feeds into their OTT video platforms. SportsCastr is backed by NFLPA, the Women’s National Basketball Association and former NBA commissioner David Stern.

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