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Sparta Science is on the frontier of smarter and better tech for injury prevention. The company leverages their 10 years of data and injury insights to help athletes predict and prevent injury, and improve overall athlete health. Using an AI and machine-learning software called Sparta Scan, 3,000 data points are documented and collected every second to record personalised athlete information. The scan takes three assessments that measure three distinct areas. The jump, balance and plank scan measure ‘load’, ‘explode’ and ‘drive’. That is, an athlete’s ability to generate force, their ability to transfer force, and express force over time. Tests can be completed relatively quickly, lasting only 60 seconds. Test results are used to assess movement health and predict injury risk, providing athletes with personalised and data-driven workouts that help boost strength, resilience and rehabilitation.

The brains behind Sparta Science is CEO Dr. Phil Wagner. “We’re trying to instil good habits that go beyond strength training” says Wagner. “It is a big difference-maker when technology can help you be more resilient… [and assigns] the right program that can both improve performance and reduce injury at the same time.”

Wagner started off as a strength and conditioning coach for universities like UCLA and professional rugby teams in Australia and New Zealand. He later graduated in medicine from the University of Southern California – “I went to medical school to better understand the human body and learn evidence-based research in order to effectively apply that back into injury prevention”.

To date, Sparta Science has raised $9.7 million in funding and worked with teams across the NFL, NBA, MLB and MLS. The data collected from over 900,000 athletes has been pivotal to predicting ACL and lower-extremity injuries, and providing customised workout programs. Sparta Science is looking to venture into talent identification and expand into stroke rehabilitation and knew and hip replacements.

Credit: Sparta Science

The company’s potential goes beyond sports, having branched off into military. Speaking of the Department of Defence as their largest customer, Wagner said “the armed forces have approached us and want to identify potential weaknesses”. 

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