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Indian video streaming service Hotstar breaks global record for live viewership



Hotstar, owned by Disney, set a new global record for the number of people on drawn to a live event on OTT service. The company confirmed that 18.6 million users simultaneously watched the 12th edition of the Indian Premier League cricket tournament on its platform. The streaming service which has Netflix and Amazon  as its rivals in India, broke its own global record of 10.3 million concurrent views that it set in 2018.

Mumbai Indians won the IPL final on the very last ball for a sensational one-run victory against Chennai Super Kings on Sunday. Credit: AP

The cricket series has been a popular draw for viewership, with over 300 million overall viewers tuning in, creating a new record for Hotstar. For comparison, last year’s IPL clocked in 202 million. These figures demonstrate India’s position as the fastest-growing internet market. Hotstar has excelled where Netflix and Amazon struggle, by capturing the right content strategy to draw Indian viewers.

Credit: Statistica

Credit: Quartz

Hostar and its local parent firm Star India have aggressively secured broadcast and streaming rights to various cricket series. In 2017, Star India (then owned by 21st Century Fox) secured the rights to broadcast and stream the IPL cricket series for 5 years for around $2.5 billion. Whereas Amazon and Netflix have less than 30 million subscribers in India, Hotstar has reportedly over 300 million.


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