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Esports refers to the world of organised competitive video gaming, where gamers compete as individuals or teams in a variety games. Popular games include: Fortnite, League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, Overwatch and Madden NFL. The popularity of Esports has lead to the development of an entire industry from streaming and broadcast rights, to paid athletes and sponsorships. 

— Total annual revenue for the global Esports market is projected to exceed $1 Billion USD in 2019 (Newzoo’s Annual Global Esports Market Report) —  


Using ESports to build better A.I.

Source:   A.I. has already proven to be smarter than humans in games. Machines in the past have beaten humans in chess, Go, Ms. Pacman and poker. But what about ESports? OpenAI has trialled and tested just that. On Saturday, the 13th of April in San Francisco, the non-profit held an event to showcase...
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Cricket Australia’s Strategic Push Towards Innovation and Gaming

By Clint Vojdinoski, Editor at Bullpen Media   Cricket Australia’s former Strategy Manager Apurwa Sarve spoke about the governing body’s strategy where technology helps to grow the sport’s footprint, encourages year round participation whilst future proofing its participation base through engaging with cricket by active playing or digital gaming. A past speaker at the 2017 India Sports […]
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