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Startup Showcase: Benchvote

BenchVote is a fan engagement and digital activations platform designed for sporting organisations, governing bodies and brands to engage their fans, drive revenue and collect data as part of a campaign, or across the whole season.


Where did the genesis/idea for your business come from?

The idea came from my time in digital agency and when I owned my own digital consultancy. I noticed that a lot of projects would fall through at the last minute due to budget or time restraints – so I created the hypothesis that a templated, easy to use digital platform could overcome these issues.


What do you believe sets your business apart from those already in the market?

Our platform creates on-brand activations that perform strongly. We’ve built a lot of marketing science and conversion optimisation into the platform so the campaign performance is far far higher than the industry standards.

What’s your key demographic?

Head of Digital + Marketing Manager + Sponsorship Manager in any large sports club or league


Where do you believe your growth prospects are at?

We’ve gotten traction through our paying customers in Australia, next step is international clients, and growing out the product offering. We’re always working with our clients to deliver new solutions that work out of the box.

What have you learnt about yourself building your company?

Focus on what you’re an A .Player at, and outsource everything else. Finding the right people is key though.



Are you looking at expanding internationally? If you already have, what lessons can you provide for a business looking to make the jump to being international?

Yes, we’re expanding this year. In this industry I believe international expansion should happen as quickly as possible as it proves your product has appeal in more than 1 market.

As a business, what have been some of the biggest challenges have faced to date?

One of the biggest challenges has been selling to professional sports teams as they often have irrational economics. We gave proposals to several teams and leagues to help them create new fans clubs so that they can generate additional revenue, and they wanted us to pay them to do this work for them.


Looking ahead to the next 12 months, what milestones do you wish to reach?

Customer acquisition is a challenge, especially at an early stage – but it’s the most critical thing you can do to prove you have a real business on your hands.


Where do you see your business in 5 years?

Our first international sales, Seed round completed and opening our first international office, exciting times ahead!


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