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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in sport refers to the use of computer systems to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, or other ‘manual’ technologies, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and performance tracking. Considered one of the next ‘frontiers’ in sport, AI is on track to replace a number of tasks in elite sport including video analysis, coaching, player tracking and more!


Using ESports to build better A.I.

Source:   A.I. has already proven to be smarter than humans in games. Machines in the past have beaten humans in chess, Go, Ms. Pacman and poker. But what about ESports? OpenAI has trialled and tested just that. On Saturday, the 13th of April in San Francisco, the non-profit held an event to showcase...
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Introducing Speedgate, the sport invented by A.I.

The use of AI in the sporting world is not new. In recent years we’ve seen the advent of wearables, player performance analytics and improved video capturing of live matches, revolutionise game play. Technology has made sports faster more captivating than ever before. We’ve seen AI improve how we play, watch and experience sport, but...
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WSC Sports is Boosting Their On The Ground Presence in APAC

By Clint Vojdinoski, Editor at Bullpen Media   One of the world’s most exciting sports tech businesses is Israeli based WSC Sports. At the core of the company’s global growth is their smart video creation platform which uses artificial intelligence to scan and analyse sports broadcasts in real time to identify in-game events to generate customised video highlights of […]
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Australian Start-up Showcased on the World’s Biggest Stage!

GAMEFACE.AI powers Tedial’s SMARTLIVE automated event logging for live sports. The product will be showcased at IBC 2018 at Tedial’s stand 8.B41 Sydney, Australia: GAMEFACE.AI, the leading AI sports analytics start-up out of Sydney Australia, has developed a proprietary AI platform which analyses sporting match footage for key events and insights in real time. The […]
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SciSports at the Sports Analytics World Series in Netherlands

Written by Charlie Heyworth, Loughborough University London At the Netherlands Sports Analytics Conference, an innovative vision for the future of football was shared by Dutch sports analytics company, SciSports. Giels Brouwer – Founder & CEO, SciSports, speaking at the Netherlands Sports Analytics & Sports Technology Conference SciSports Up Until Now…   At the Johan Cruyff […]
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